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Real estate advice

Quite often when dealing with real estate legal advice on real estate is perceived as a completely unnecessary step, consuming precious time and money.Today, legal services real estate required for each transaction for the sale or purchase of real estate. In this case, there will be redundant and independent legal advice on real estate...

Land consulting

In these uncertain times, the land is still the most reliable way of capital investment. If You want to buy land or have in his possession, but if You have any problems in the sphere of land relationsour experts are ready to advise You on matters of interest and, if You so require, to provide expert assistance on issues of land relations.

Housing advice

Housing advice in our Legal Centre is one of the most common legal consultations among citizens and military personnel.In all legal matters, including those related to housing issues, a lot of subtleties and pitfalls, to deal with that yourself many can’t without help...